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Nick Hartley 


01362 687492

Carbrooke Parish Council


The Parish Council is made up of nine members who represent the community on various matters.  We are effectively the third tier of local government, the other two being Norfolk County Council and Breckland District Council.

Welcome to Carbrooke


Carbrooke is a Norfolk village with an electorate of 1,636. We are a thriving community with a Village Hall, a village green, a play area, pub, church, garage and a variety of shops. 

News and Information


Members of Carbrooke Church and other volunteers have set up a group to support residents. If you are in a vulnerable category for contracting corona virus and/or become unable to get out, the group can help.

You might need assistance with getting essential shopping, with bank or postal transactions, or with prescriptions.

Whatever your need the group will do its best to help you, free of charge.

If there is someone near you who you feel might be vulnerable, please pass on the group's details to them.

For more information please phone or text Mark Ward on 07935334610 or email

Also available just inside the church door...THE FOOD BANK BOX...To contribute to or take from.

New Equipment

The Parish Council is to install new Outdoor Fitness equipment at Blenheim Grange and the Millennium Green. We would appreciate your help in determining our choices. If you can spare a few moments to complete and return the attached short Questionnaire we would be very grateful.

          What We Do


The Parish Council is responsible for:

  • Maintenance and management of the Open Spaces at Blenheim Grange

  • The play area at Blenheim Grange

  • The Community Cabin

  •  The Village Hall car park.

  •  The bus shelter on Broadmoor Road

  •  The community notice boards

  •  We comment on all planning applications and liaise with both Breckland Council and Norfolk County Council on a wide range of matters

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