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Contact us via the Parish Clerk:

Nick Hartley 


01362 687492

Carbrooke Parish Council


Welcome to the Parish Council website. We hope you find it useful and informative. The Parish Council is made up of nine members who represent the community on various matters.  We are your parish council and are here to represent the residents of Carbrooke. Please feel free to contact the Clerk or councillors by phone or email. You can always attend one of our meetings if you prefer, further details are below.

Welcome to Carbrooke


Carbrooke is a thriving community with a Community Centre, a Village Hall, a village green (with playing field and children's play area), a church and a children's play area (with five a side goals).

News and Information


Next Council Meeting 

The next Council meeting will be in the Community Hub, Buckingham Close, on 12 December from 7pm. Why not come along and see what we do ? There is always a designated part of the meeting in which you can address councillors. A copy of the agenda for the meeting will be available at least three working days before the meeting.

Council Vacancies 

We are looking for two new councillors to join us. If you are interested in joining the Council or would like more information please contact Nick Hartley, the parish clerk, on 01362 687492 (monday to wednesday) or


To report flooding please call the Norfolk Flooding Hotline - 0344 800 8013. Please note it is essential to report all incidents so that there are accurate and up to date records that can be used in flood prevention methods.


Parish Precept

The Parish Council is keeping its Precept at £50,000 for the year 2023/24. The following is an explanation of the initial increase to £50,000 in the year 2022/23.


Residents may notice an increase in the Parish Council portion of your Council Tax bill. The Parish Council is very aware of the increasing costs of living and has been mindful of this when setting the Budget. The Council is also conscious that it must maintain (on behalf of the community) the assets for which it is responsible.


The increase for this financial year is due to two reasons. Firstly, at the start of 2022 the Parish Council was passed ownership of the Community Centre at Blenheim Grange to benefit the wider Carbrooke Parish. Such ownership carries with it a responsibility for its upkeep and maintenance, and a Management Committee has been established for this purpose. Second, the costs of contractors for servicing are increasing the same as household bills and the Parish Council has had to account for this within its Budget.


As you would expect it is the first financial year of ownership of the Community Centre and therefore some aspects have been budgeted which may not be required in future years. The costs of the Centre and all assets under the responsibility of the Parish Council and its impact on the Precept will be kept under review each year.


The Parish Council continues to exercise its decision making in respect of the Parish as a whole and also the significant growth in the newer developments and the Precept which that creates for the benefit of the whole community. The increase in the Parish Council’s portion of the Council Tax is £1.70 a month for Band D properties.


          What We Do


The Parish Council is responsible for:

  • Maintenance and management of the Open Spaces at Blenheim Grange

  • The play area at Blenheim Grange

  • The Community Hub (managed by a Committee of the Parish Council - see the Hub website for more details. Residents are welcome to attend their meetings)

  • The Community Cabin

  •  The Village Hall car park

  •  The bus shelter on Broadmoor Road

  • The defibrillators at the Aerolite Garage and the phone box on Church Street

  •  The community notice boards

  •  We comment on all planning applications and liaise with both Breckland Council and Norfolk County Council on a wide range of matters

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