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Carbrooke is a thriving community. The village is long standing. The older part of the village, near the church, is recorded in the Domesday Book. Next to the church – and dating from around 1173 – is the site of the Commandery of the Knights Hospitallers of St John of Jerusalem. This was an early monastic order. The monks took care of the poor and the sick, but also defended pilgrims on the route to and from the Holy Land.

In the older part of the village is the Village Hall, the school and many fine old buildings. Behind the Village Hall is the Millennium Green, established as an open space in 2000. Here you can walk your dog, use the new children’s play equipment or just enjoy the scenery. At the top of the Green is a large pond that attracts a variety of wildlife. 

The newer part of the village is situated closer to Watton. In the 1990’s the Ministry of Defence sold houses on the Ash Tree, Beech Tree and Maid Marian estates on Norwich Road. This was followed in the early 2000's by the development of the Blenheim Grange estate, named after the Blenheim bombers which flew from the site in World War Two. These developments significantly increased the village's population. A new development has since been created at Knights Park, adjoining the Blenheim Grange development.

The Parish Council has grant funded the creation of the new play area at Blenheim Grange and maintains all the Open Spaces on the estate on behalf of the community.

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