Parish Council Meetings

The Parish Council meetings are usually held on the second Tuesday of every month except August. We meet in the new Community Hub at Blenheim Grange and in the Village Hall. Details of each meeting can be found on the website and in the parish noticeboards. Most of our meetings start at 7pm, but please see a copy of the Agenda for each meeting for more information.

Meeting dates for 2022

11 January

8 February

8 March

12 April

10 May

14 June

12 July

20 September

11 October

8 November

13 December

The Role of the Clerk


The Clerk is the first point of contact for the Council. All correspondence comes to the Clerk.


The Clerk is responsible for implementing the decisions of the Council as well as giving professional guidance where necessary. The Clerk is also responsible for financial management and other matters.

You can contact the clerk on 01362 687492 (during office hours), at or by writing to Oakleigh House, Shipdham Lane, Scarning, NR19 2LB.