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Parish Council Meetings

Residents are most welcome at our meetings. The agenda for each meeting is published in advance and provides details of the business to be discussed.


At the start of Council meetings time is set aside for residents to raise matters of concern or interest, or to ask the Council questions. Please note that if you would like an item to appear on the agenda details must be sent to the Parish Clerk at least seven working days before the meeting. The Council is unable to make a decision on anything not included on the agenda, but can discuss newly raised matters and refer them to the next meeting.

If you would like more information about coming to our meetings and/or asking a question, please don't hesitate to contact the Parish Clerk, who will be pleased to help. 


Our meetings are usually held on the second Tuesday of every month except August. We meet in the Community Hub at Blenheim Grange and in the Village Hall. Details of each meeting can be found on the website and in the parish noticeboards. Most of our meetings start at 7pm, but please see a copy of the Agenda for each meeting for more information.

Meeting dates for 2024

9 January in the Community Hub

13 February in the Community Hub

12 March in the Community Hub

9 April in the Village Hall

14 May in the Village Hall

11 June in the Village Hall

9 July in the Village Hall

10 September in the Village Hall

8 October in the Community Hub

12 November in the Community Hub

December in the Community Hub (Date to be confirmed)

The Role of the Clerk


The Clerk is the 'Proper Officer' of the Council, who is responsible for the smooth running of the Council's business. The Clerk's primary responsibility is to advise the Council on whether its decisions are lawful and to recommend ways in which decisions can be implemented. The Clerk takes instructions from the Council as a body and implements these decisions.


The Clerk has a wide range of responsibilities, which include the management of all Council owned assets, as well as the daily running of Council administration.


The Clerk is the Council's Responsible Financial Officer. 

Carbrooke's clerk holds a Certificate in Local Council Administration

You can contact the clerk on 01362 687492 (during office hours), or at 

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